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I just turned down an offer of work. I was offered another Anth 101 class for the fall. I decided the "oh, graduating just meant I was fired and re-hired without benefits" true joke was getting old. During my MN visit I gave my brother some advice that he needed to turn down these crappy coaching jobs he was employed at and focus on launching his future building/design career or doing something with his recent MA in architecture, that the coaching was steady but it was sucking all his energy and time away from career building he needed to do. And I realized that I was in the same situation, except in my case it wasn't coaching soccer, it was adjunct teaching that was sucking away all time and energy. Adjunct teaching is not something where one can just give two weeks notice and walk away from, the way you can with some jobs. I'd be committed for the semester. Ugh. I'm so torn about if it was a good idea, I just want to pretend they didn't offer me the job at all. If I had other work lined up that'd be different, but I don't. Bird in hand and all that. But its done now.

I constantly feel like I was such a chump for going to grad school. At least I don't have enormous amounts of debt, many PhDs I know have student loans that look like mortgages. I need to get over feeling stupid for having gone so I can move on, I think.
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...but its difficult.

For a post-doc in Chicago:

"The ideal candidate will be a Bulgarian native who has obtained their Ph.D. within the last ten years and who plans to continue their academic research in Bulgaria."

Bulgaria? Really? Last year there was a perfect position, but they wanted someone working in the Arctic. They always want some peculiar thing or another. And none of it describes me a bit, unfortunately.

And all of my non-academic plan B job tracks have been rendered unsuitable by the "recession" (I think this isn't a recession, this is the new reality, welcome to 10% unemployment). I just hope I can find a reasonable clerical job at this point.
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On Halloween, Sat. Oct 31st. Its going to be a gothic luau housewarming. We'll be sending out e-vites to the locals soonish.

The hubinator is in charge of this, but he is ill. He thinks he has swine flu. I think the jury is out on that one. But regardless, he's ill so no formal e-vites. I wanted to post though in a "save the date" sort of way.

I seriously hope we make a better dent in these boxes by then. Holy crap is this getting tedious. And the kitchen... is not designed well. I think the cupboards were created by people who expected folks to live on microwave dinners. It needs some help. And we need to hang the gutters. And get the dryer electricity hooked up, with the hubinator sick we didn't get to that today. Aaargh. Everything in my existence is taking about twice the time I would have anticipated it should take.

I have a job application due at the end of the month, which I'm dreading. This means I should really get the article I have in the pipeline submitted so I can list it as "submitted" on the application. Bleh. I don't even want this job, but it'll be good preparation for the application to the job I do want which is is due in December. Its terrible that there are really only two academic jobs I've seen that I feel I match up with. I really need to push my CRM possibilities, but even that probably won't help. Sigh. I'm trying not to think of seeking retail seasonal employment in a little while... but its probably the responsible thing at the moment.


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