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I went to a Dr. Sketchy's Art School in Raleigh on Saturday. I'd never drawn from figures before. I'm terrible at it. Really, really bad. But it was fun, definitely a good art workout, but hard. I like the atmosphere at Issac Hunter's Tavern, but 8 bucks for a coffee and amaretto? Where do they think they are located, LA or NYC? Jeepers. Boo on the Tavern prices. I'd go to another one, the 8 buck entry fee for 2 and a half hours of figure drawing seems reasonable, but I'll sneak in my own beverage. The drive is a bit much though, 45 minutes each way and I took a funky way and got lost. Ooops. I hate that. By the time I got home I was a bit of a wreck.

Today I and the hubinator went to Guglehupf (yum yum! Linzer cookie and cheese brezel) and then to the Nasher to see the Andy Warhol Polaroid exhibit. It was quite neat. I'm rather shocked that these Polaroids haven't been exhibited before. Its going to Greensboro and Chapel Hill before it rolls up. Its interesting, if you like Wharhol or the Wharhol era I recommend it. My fav was a little series of Basquiat and his family.

Tonight we had our traditional V-Day meal of the small lasagna we keep aside from Xmas. It was good, and much better than fighting our way through crowds of diners out and putting up with not-so-good food as the kitchens can't keep up with the crowds and their ambitious menus. We've done that, I think its good to indulge in the 5 course V-Day dinner at least once. Don't need to do that again though.
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So, I am enjoying the God-Emperor of Beers: Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout with chocolate truffles for lunch. I really ought to eat something a little more lunch like, but right now its hitting the spot.

In order to acquire beer, among other things, I went to the Weaver St. Market. While I was there I was witness to a marriage proposal. In the wine section. He bent down on one knee and proposed in front of two of their friends. I was a little surprised, myself. And so were the folks working the cheese counter. I mean, maybe it was a joke? If so, that's kind of a mean joke. I don't think so though. If it wasn't a joke, maybe it should have been? Lame place for a proposal, I'd insist on a do-over if I was her.

Oh, and the hubby said I should talk about cheese in an entry, specifically the cheese that is now on sale at the Weaver. It is produced in NC, and it is a caraway seeded cheddar. It melts well, and I think it tastes great- makes a fantastic sandwich cheese. I also love the same dairies "daisy hoop cheese" which is a mild cheddar, especially great for grilled cheese. Anyway, for them that can get it let it be known that there is locally (relatively) produced good cheese on sale at the Weaver.

We are going to be eating lasagna, eating Affenois brie and baguette, and then hitting the Steam Punk night at the Mansion (5 buck cover - with DJ Mouse spinning) for V-Day. I'm not that into that scene, but I like DJ Mouse's spin, the Mansion is a nice bar and its a good excuse to dress up.


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