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Well, that wasn't as bad as it could've been. I'm currently ranked 740 out of 50,000 on the NYT bracket forum, I expect after the final (because I don't have Duke winning it) I'll be a under 2,000 or something. And I beat my dad, which means I get the family bracket pool prize of a candy bar. Which is cool. I usually don't beat dad. My total for this year was 464. Which in most years is not good but I guess in a year where so many high ranking teams had an epic fail early on its okay (judging by the NYT ranking). I should actually try next year and see how I do, the little bit of research I engage in could be expanded upon.

Today is for lumber cutting, laundry, and lecture writing. Doing dishes and making a meal with eggs in it (seeing as it is egg day- happy egg day everyone!) may ruin the L theme, however.
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I was so excited to have MN in the tourney I raised my expectations a bit too high. I really wanted to leap out into the street and shout Goooo Gophers! as a kind of psychic come uppance for all the times I've had to endure UNC fans doing their celebratory nonsense. Oh well. Maybe next year. It is a darn good thing for MN basketball that they snared Coach Tubby from Kentucky, I expect that they'll actually make the tournament two years in a row (gasp!).

My bracket looks like crap even at this early stage. Good thing I'm not in a betting pool.


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