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Board Game Night, tomorrow, starting at 4:00, my house. Eh voila, you have been reminded.

Today we went on a little spontaneous food tour. It started out with a run to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, which I had never been to before. Pretty darn good biscuits for cheap. I had the bacon, cheese and egg biscuit and a hashbrown patty for 2.49.

Then we went to Spice Bazaar, which is an Indian grocery in the strip mall next to Sparticus restraurant in Durham. We restocked our mango pickle supply and snacked on a samosa. They have really yummy, large samosas there.

Then we went Guglhupf bakery. Blackberry cream cheese danish. Yummy.

Next to the bakery there is an Asian market, so we also went there and I got sundry things including our biannual giant bag of jasmine rice. They have really good produce there, odd things like bitter melon etc. I got some fresh thai basil and dried mushrooms, which are probably going to go into a stir-fry tonight.

Such splurgery. But at least we are well stocked on food for a few weeks.
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The Butterfly Club looks like a very cool place. Amanda Palmer talks about it in her blog. Its website has only tiny pictures though. It also makes me think of [ profile] slackalope, it seems like the sort of place she would own. Pity the club is in Melbourne, Australia and the odds are I won't get there, ever. But one never knows, I suppose.


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