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Psst! Omaha! Check the art of this gal out:
She's all about photographing food, sometimes in odd locations. Some of the food shots remind me of your close ups.

And on another food photo note, while I consider this (Ralph Goings' 2005 "Coffee and Donuts") to be a worthy photo, I do not consider it to be a $314,500 photo. And only taken in 2005? Come on. The art market seems as random as the stock market. Can y'all explain this one to me? ETA: Explained! Courtesy of [ profile] nex0s Its not a photo, its a painting. Which makes the price make much more sense.

Did y'all hear there is water on the moon!? This is important. Google thinks its noteworthy enough for a Google logo. And it gives me hope I could actually be a terra former, which is like my secret dream job that doesn't exist.
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I was sitting on my couch in utter lassitude, enjoying the view of rain and fall leaves. Then I started getting hungry. And I didn't know what to eat. I considered just getting a glass of wine and continuing my couch meditations. However, in an act of great fortitude, I foisted myself off the couch and into the kitchen for eccentric lunch making. Today's eccentric lunch recipe:

1 teaspoon bland oil (I used grapeseed) plus 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
Some frozen veggies (about 3/4 cup, not packed) I used broccoli and peas
Four or more small frozen shrimp (optional)
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 to 1/2 teaspoon Indian style pickled ginger (ginger/hot pepper/garlic powder would work fine - though I highly recommend the Indian style pickled ginger if you can find it, its a great condiment)
A smidge of Better than Bouillon chicken stock stuff (a dash of soy sauce would be an okay sub)
A scant 1/4 cup water
Handful of rice noodles

Heat up oil
Add veg and shrimp
When veg and shrimp are defrosted a bit, add tomato paste, boullion, pickled ginger
Stir up, and add rice noodles (if the rice noodles are not short, break them up)
Add enough water to get the rice noodles coated/not quite covered
Periodically stir and adjust water till the rice noodles are soft

Eat up! It was yummy.

I am debating applying for this editor of the food section job... even though there is not a snowballs- well, you know the phrase. I do think other folks on my friend's list might be interested in it as well, so here is a link to the advert about it.

Mama D RIP

Mar. 19th, 2009 12:15 am
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Twin Cities food icon Mama D passed at 94. Here is an obit. I don't have many strong memories of the food at the restaurant, really. However, my hubby talks glowingly about the anti-pasto plate from there and I have tried to replicate it diligently with some but not total success. But she was significant to me because she was one of the earliest people I can remember as being (locally anyway) famous for cooking, along with Julia Child.
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Board Game Night, tomorrow, starting at 4:00, my house. Eh voila, you have been reminded.

Today we went on a little spontaneous food tour. It started out with a run to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, which I had never been to before. Pretty darn good biscuits for cheap. I had the bacon, cheese and egg biscuit and a hashbrown patty for 2.49.

Then we went to Spice Bazaar, which is an Indian grocery in the strip mall next to Sparticus restraurant in Durham. We restocked our mango pickle supply and snacked on a samosa. They have really yummy, large samosas there.

Then we went Guglhupf bakery. Blackberry cream cheese danish. Yummy.

Next to the bakery there is an Asian market, so we also went there and I got sundry things including our biannual giant bag of jasmine rice. They have really good produce there, odd things like bitter melon etc. I got some fresh thai basil and dried mushrooms, which are probably going to go into a stir-fry tonight.

Such splurgery. But at least we are well stocked on food for a few weeks.


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