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My friend, Jeremy, is trying to grow a shiitake mushroom business.

He is running into terrible trouble with the city of Minneapolis. I believe strongly that we need to diversify our food production, in both spaces and in the sorts of things we grow and that diversification into cities is especially important. Also, the poor guy has been out of work for two years, and is trying to create an entrepreneurial solution to his job situation. His being stymied in that effort because of antiquated zoning laws is really outrageous.

He has asked that folks write the city council in support of his business, the city council contact info can be found here: He wrote a letter explaining his situation and asking for help, its below the cut.

Jeremy's Letter )
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Oh my goodness!! My old friend Jeremy and his wife Aimee (who I was happy to reconnect with last fall when they visited me) is in the NYT for his mushroom growing activities. The NYT was a little mean about their house, though. Still, it is really cool to just run into an article with a friend in it. I look forward to seeing them again when I visit MN this July. I am also inspired to find some oak logs and get to work growing some mushrooms (though darn morels anyway for resisting propagation...).


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