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Yesterday I unearthed my desk, cleared out papers to be recycled, took a large box of books back to the library, and put a bunch of books back on the shelves above my desk. I could finally grade at my desk instead of on the couch for the first time in months. I took a break from grading and there was a rumble. Hubby thought maybe it was a break in, but no. The bookshelf above my desk had fallen, scattering books and my seed collection everywhere. One of the Breyer horse models I want to get around to selling had a leg snapped off, and I'm not sure about the lamp and my external back up hard drive, but it could have been worse. I could have been sitting at the desk and been injured. This little incident of yesterday evening is very indicative of how my life is- I make a little progress and it is almost instantly negated and then some. This state of affairs has been the case for a year and a half, ever since I graduated. I don't want to wallow too much so I won't list all the incidents and areas which provide examples of the phenomena, they aren't limited to any one part of my life, either, it permeates. But I do wonder if I've been hexed. Nothing has been moved forward without being negated.

I know things could always be worse. And all my problems are ultimately first world problems, I'm not starving and if we lose the house we can go live with my folks however uncomfortably. But good googly moogly I'd like to catch a positive break for a change. Really.

A good thing: I am happy about frog populations showing signs of rebounding. Excellent frogs! Evolution in action! I will attempt to emulate the frogs.
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I love the title of this article (its also interesting on its own merits):
Frogspawn learns the smell of death

It needs to be someone's album title. Get to it musician people!


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