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So, we had a shed delivered. I had spent a lot of hours and sweat and trips to homedepot and brain time building a platform for it. Which was completely wasted, as the trailer, in spite of having a visit from their manager dude to confirm the platform being okay, was not able to back up to it and dump the trailer. And, as it turns out, the way I had stacked the blocks probably wouldn't have held up anyway... ugh.

The worker delivery dudes dismantled what I built and are using it to shim up the shed in a part of the yard I didn't want it in, but was the only place the trailer could dump it that wasn't over underground plumbing.

We need a shed, for reasons of space and security (our lawn mower was stolen from our front porch and it was even chained up there). So I'm glad of the shed, and glad we could afford the home depot floor model on sale. But I'm very disappointed that I wasted so much time building a platform and now the shed is in a spot I would have rather kept empty which maybe is a little over onto the neighbors property, which is an empty side lot, so I doubt they will complain.

Oh well. I'll cover it with climbing roses and passionflower vines and maybe put a mural on one side, so it won't be an eyesore, or as much of one.

I cleared out a big chunk of our wooded area to place the shed in, I guess I'll stick a fruit tree back there. Or a chicken coop, eventually, maybe. I'm very much on the fence about chickens. Bleh.

Now I must clean for unexpected house guests. One of whom is five. Does one need to childproof a house for a five year old? I really have no idea.

First world problems... first world problems.
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Question for the locals: Got any recommendations for HVAC/heat pump repair services?

Our exasperating heat pump has started pumping air that smells very strongly of burnt plastic. It doesn't look like anything obvious is blocking any intakes and the fan is working fine, so its time to call someone I think.

I now know where the electrical connection is for it, however. And we know the brand (Goodman PH036-1D) and have a diagram for it. Which is good.

My head hates this weather, but I'm glad its warm today.
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We have managed to get the plumbing snake stuck in the drain.

God help us.

I'm thinking we were better off renters and I could have just bought a piece of land for a garden. Really.

I have someone coming to look at our heat pump on Wednesday, in addition to all the plumbing hoopla there is trouble with the heat pump. I know they don't work when its below 34 degrees, but I want to know if there is a back up system in this one that's not working, or if we need to have one installed. Because when its below 34 degrees is when I especially want heat. What I'd like to do is have a wood stove installed, but yeah, that costs some money I don't have right now. If we insulate the attic better that will help the heat situation, I expect. There are bits that don't exist up there that need putting in- like "collar ties" and "knee walls" which can also be insulated. I am waiting till my brother or dad come visit for that adventure, however.

We still haven't gotten the electrical system fixed up, so I'm still line drying clothes. I just had to replace my lap top and then our car got replaced so money is short. The electrical problem is creeping to the bottom of a long list. The driveway needs help. This I feel confident that we can do ourselves, but it will also require some money.

All I want for Christmas is for things to quit breaking.


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