Oct. 13th, 2009 11:33 am
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I'm really pissed off with my feline companions at the moment.

They (we suspect Engels) are pooping in studio and office rooms if we leave the door open. I don't know what's up with that, its only something he's done if he's ill and I don't think he is.

This morning the cats went on a tear, zipping around the house and crashing into things. Amusing when they were kittens, but they weigh 14 pounds and are large fellows now. And they managed to knock my laptop off the couch onto the floor. Something made a cracking noise, but it seems okay, so whew. It works, but suffice to say that the USB drive I just bought to back up my current projects and PDFs is being put to use right now.

And the cats are sooo neeedy. They will not leave me alone. Which is endearing, but I'm getting a bit sick of it. (this is the sort of thing that make me think perhaps children are not the best idea for me- if having cats jump on me is too needy how in the hell would I deal with a kid?)

I'm starting to think kitty prozac is the answer. Or another animal in the house so they can be distracted by it. Boredom may be playing a role here.
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Okay, I'm not. But you knew that. I still like my new LJ icon. Thanks Reuters photographer dude (Luke MacGregor) for snapping such a nice shot and the NYT for putting it up.

Our mail is now arriving. I was about to get very desperate about it. Thankfully I don't have to now. I did manage to burn myself on a torqued screw pretty badly while assembling the mailbox. Good grief. But having mail is worth my sore finger.

Finished doing data entry and compiling test grades for my class today. Another perfect curve, with a B- average. Perfect. I'm so good at writing tests. Its probably my best teaching skill and the only one I'm really proud of.

I must measure and hang things this weekend. Like a toilet paper holder. This house is beyond ridiculous at the moment. Boxes must be denuded of their contents and pitched, as well. And I should build shelves.

We are having trouble with our cat, Engels. He is pooping and peeing out of the box. I think it may be because I'm spending a lot more time out of the house and he is having separation anxiety. Or the move has just made him bats. Sigh. Regardless, we are having to keep the cats out of carpeted areas until this phase (I'm erring on the bright side and assuming its a phase) blows over.

I love fall. I hope everyone gets to enjoy some nice fall smells and colors this weekend.
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Oh my god, cats, quit puking! You are like little fountains of gross this morning.

My cat Marx is doing really well, he had his sutres out and everything. And his pills have finished. This is good.

I am completely wroth with the health care "debate" going on. I can barely follow the story anymore. I'm all for free speech, but the yokels on the right are just being crazy obstructionists without a coherent argument. I wish the media would quit treating them seriously. Death panels? Come on. And to take the public option off the table is to shoot everything right down. There is no reform without that competition. Co-ops are laughable. Here is a good article on how co-ops are not a reasonable solution.

Oh my god they are both going at once now. Holy smokes. My house is covered in cat puke.

They kind of match how I feel about the health care reform situation though. For sure.
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Here is a picture of my cat, Engels, laying atop a dissertation chapter. Fortunately, I had done all of the copy edits from that chapter. His paws were wet from playing in the bathtub.

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I have had a headache for 5 days now. If I take something for it, it drifts off but its always coming back afterwards. I'm fed up.

So I made an appointment with a headache specialist and an acupunturist on Friday. I feel bad about the expense and the timing isn't great, but these little bursts of frustration rather than resignation should be harnessed, I think.

My cat Engels was amusing, yesterday he jumped up on the table and shredded my to-do list, just like that. And today he almost puked on my to-do list, I had to rescue it. I'd take it as a message but I don't think he can read.
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My laptop's power jack is busted. So my computer is in the shop. My big debate is if I should get it repaired or no, its going to be at least 200 bucks, and the computer was 700 to begin with. Hmm... I probably will, but its definitely annoying.

That means I have to limit my online activities to a wee bit in the evening when the hubby brings his computer home. I can do word processing during the day on my aged desktop, but I think it'll be a virus trap if I use it to surf the internet unless I download and set up a lot of software, which I'm disinclined to do at them moment.

The internet limitation may not be a bad thing, as I really need to get cracking on the dissertation. Additions, re-writes galore. My defense has been scheduled for Nov. 2nd, and I suppose I should prepare for that, but I don't really know how... I have no idea what questions I should prepare for. Sigh.

My kitty Marx was sooo cute this morning, playing chicken with the water while I was taking a shower. He'd get in between the shower curtain and the tub, hang out, and then scoot out into the shower proper, freak out and run away, and then repeat that scenario- he did it 3 times. Silly bored boy.


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