Nov. 14th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Dark chocolate covered peppermint Jojos from Trader Joe's are sooo damn good. They are what Girl Scout Cookies wish they were. I shouldn't eat them, because they are probably not good for the ol' migraines, but I had a few today because they are fantastic.

What I wanted to post about is running and my recent exercise routines, however.

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Jan. 24th, 2009 02:49 pm
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Today, when I woke up, I wasn't terribly nauseous. Given that hasn't happened for nearly a week now, I was pleased. But then I couldn't think of anything fun that was going to happen today. Because I'm behind on lots of pesky things that aren't much fun. But then I remembered- it will be above 45 degrees. So it will be a good day for a run. That got me out of bed, fed and doing some chores. Then I went on my run.

5k in 32 minutes, or about a 10.5 minute mile. Not bad, especially given my usual abysmal times (ah, yes, the 14.5 minute mile).

Some dude said to me, "You're running? You look great, you shouldn't jog!" Which is far better than the usual cat calls (and I wear "dowdy" or "form hiding" clothes when running, but I still get some whistles, its beyond me). Or the weird dude who asked to buy my underwear when I was waiting for a traffic light.

I also ran past the scary loud schizophrenic lady. I'm astonished she doesn't lose her voice. I hope she is (in her head) a Sargent commanding troops or something, as that's what her bellows kind of imply.

I'm really tired of the car exhaust. Its so gross to be breathing that stinky crap in deeply. I'm starting to get asthmatic symptoms, which is worrisome.

All of which leads me to the need for an indoor track. I don't even know of one around here, even at UNC. As if I could afford a membership anyway... I can't even afford new shoes right now, and my old ones are wearing out. Le sigh. I still like the exercise though.


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