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So effing cute and wonderful.

I don't follow many celebrity types, but Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are two I followed even before they were dating, so this is sweet news:

I had a rather rambling and deep thought post about dead artists, the hanging man tarot card/my life and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (I recommend you go see this movie!) but it has been preempted by celebrity gossip and the need for grocery shopping. Perhaps later.
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It was very good. She is just a phenomenal musician. She played all the biggies, Leeds United and Coin Operated Boy, etc. She talked and twittered a bit much, but even that was okay, she was cool enough to get away with it. She referred to twitter (which was how she was taking requests) as "the love faucet" which is a little scary. The Art Center was packed solid and was far too warm. The crowd was polite (except when it came to seats, grrr...) and very geeky, which was nice. I wish that they had a real piano for her to use, but oh well, the keyboard she had was a good one. I was glad we went.
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Oh! Amanda Palmer is playing at the Art Center in Carrboro on Sunday. I'd been kicking myself for having missed her concert at the Lincoln in Raleigh last November. Having an opportunity for a do-over, even if its not with her full Danger Ensemble companions is a very good thing. I'm looking forward to the show. (I'm writing this entry with the idea that maybe some locals who missed her November show might also want to catch it... it doesn't seem to be getting much press)


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