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So, I made this Pastitsio recipe tonight. With modifications. I don't eat Parmesan these days out of deference to my migraines, and I hate plain bechemel so I made the sauce from this recipe to top it. That didn't work so well. I expect it'd be great in the original context and with full fat sour cream (damn the Weaver for being out) but it didn't work here. I subbed beef for lamb and omitted feta out of deference to my pocket book. That was fine, though maybe the feta would be a good add. I added kale out of deference to not wanting to make a side dish and needing some veggies in my diet. That went well.

The dish just didn't do it for me, I expect the original is tasty and I may try to get closer to that at some point. I really like the mint, oregano, cinnamon, sumac combo. I think I may try making the meat with sauce and oodles of veggies or some beans as a cassoulet sort of thing instead. There are lots of left overs, and I'll eat them, but the prospect doesn't excite me.

At least this recipe for Yedoro tibs was a winner last night, so I can console myself with the memory of it.
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I made this cake today. Ina Garten calls it a Tatin, it isn't, and I think she should've called it like it is, an apple upside down cake. Good concept, bad recipe is my verdict. The caramel bit is more like syrup, really. And I knew she was off, I should've just used my own recipe for that. Oops. I added a bunch of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamon) to the cake, and that was a good thing, because it would have not stood up in flavor to the sweet syrup otherwise. And when I got the batter together it wasn't pourable. It was more scone or biscuit like in texture. So I added some milk to smooth it. That may have been an error. The cake came out heavy and had an almost custardy texture to it. All good, especially with the addition of some Ciao Bella Tahitian Vanilla gelato (I only purchase this on sale, but it is a worthy indulgence). The hubby had three pieces in short order, but I won't make this recipe again. I'll just modify a good pineapple upside down cake recipe and stick to better caramel making instructions if I want a cake like this again.

Now, what to make for supper? Hmm... I'm thinking root vegetable red curry. Or General Tsao's chicken al a Dunlop. I have Chinese green onions that need using up because they are stinking up my fridge something fierce, so I think it'll be the General Tsao's.
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I made this recipe today. I modified it a little. I halved it. Instead of a shallot I used some leeks (yay for Trader Joe's having bags of frozen leek slices for cheap) and a few leaves of swiss chard with the mushrooms because I didn't have quite enough mushrooms. I added some rosemary along with the thyme. And I did not flip over the pastry or put egg on it. After wrapping the filling parts of the pastry got thin, and I didn't think it was up to being flipped over and maintaining structural integrity.

Verdict: Good. The goat cheese and butternut squash combo is an especially winning one. However, really, puff pastry makes almost anything yummy.

I made egg noodles with cumin as a side and that was a bit of a mistake, it was what came to hand and not optimal. I think roasted brussel sprouts with almonds or some other kind of green veggie would have been better as a side.

I have also been on a pumpkin quick bread tear. But I have yet to find the dense and moist pumpkin bread I want, its all been very fluffy and sometimes kind of dry even. I think upping the fat is the next step. But if anyone out there has pumpkin bread recipes to recommend, let's have them please. Or apple cake recipes. I'm thinking of trying this apple upside down cake here, Ina get raves and I haven't made any of her recipes yet I don't think.
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I failed to make a buche de noel this year (again!). This irritates me. As a consolation prize, I want to make a bunch of traditional New Years Dishes on New Years day. Unfortunately, I can only think of three of them... Does anyone else have any good ideas for recipes I'm forgetting?

Traditional New Years Dishes

Italy: Lentils and sausages
Japan: Buckwheat Noodles
South US: Hoppin' John
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So, I watched the inauguration on the computer. Yay! I'm glad he gave a shout out to atheists, and mentioned curiosity as a quality to value. To me, curiosity is one of the very highest qualities a person can have. And its something that has obviously been missing from the White House for some time now (eight years to be exact).

As soon as the Inaugural Luncheon was mentioned, I had to go google the menu. And look, transparency in government all ready, they have a .pdf of the recipes on the menu. But poor Senator Kennedy... that puts a damper on things.

Now, since I can keep food down for longer than 10 minutes, I am going to celebrate by going on a short walk in the snow.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 02:53 pm
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My goodness, I do love cooked cabbage. I imagine it appeases my German ancestors, I picture them doing high fives every time I eat it.

My lovely hubby does not like cabbage. So it has become a lunch staple for me.

Thus far, the favorite recipes are:

Curry powder, sauteed cabbage, peas, pecans

Dill, garlic, bit o' bacon, sauteed cabbage, pecans, tomato sauce

Left over "faux-boursin" (herbed/garlic cream cheese), sauteed cabbage, spinach, walnuts

I tossed the last one with pasta, which was good but unnecessary.

If anyone has any good cabbage recipes, by all means, share! Mmm... cabbage.


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