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I hardly ever covet jewelry. I have a few things I inherited from my maternal grandmother Alice B. (Grandma B) that I like a lot (for all her faults and troubles, she had good taste in personal adornment, no doubt). I don't really own or wear much more than those necklaces. But other than that, there are a few things I would like to have, but can't afford. I added to that list today with this esty site.

Octopus jewelery! Fantastic. I want the chalcedony pendant a very great deal. OOooh, a very very great deal. It is a little sad the artist is using real octopuses, because they are so smart, and I don't think they should be killed out of hand.

Sigh. Someday, when I am a fully employed person, I may splurge.
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I just had Pomegranate Mouhamara for lunch. It was fantastic. I think, though, given the bother of roasting red peppers and the reasonable price at the Med Deli, I will just go to the Med Deli if I want more in spite of having found a recipe.

Oh! And more octopus news. Isn't that little fella just the cutest!?
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I love stories about octopuses being rowdy. (according to Mozilla spellcheck plug in octopi is not a word, while octopuses is? hmmm...) The story makes me want to write a kids picture book featuring Otto.

The Daily Telegraph is just ick though, so I don't recommend any of the other articles on that page.

In other news, I successfully cooked with quinoa for the first time tonight (recipe forthcoming once I make it again and take measurements). It went well, not so well I'd replace all rice with quinoa, but well enough I want to cook more with it.


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