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The hubinator called up the WXYC and requested Her Space Holiday: Sleepy Tigers for me. What a dear.

PS- Sorry for the slightly sappy post. I try not to be sappy on LJ. Probably won't happen again.


Dec. 2nd, 2008 05:05 pm
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I've had folks on my friends list make inquiries about motivational/organizational schemes for daily/creative productivity.

So I thought I'd share mine. I lead a really weird lifestyle when it comes to time, because I make my own schedule, nearly entirely. There are some sacrifices to accomplish this state of affairs, so don't get all jealous, peeps. However, I still have things I need to do. I hit upon this scheme after I tracked my time for a month, writing down how much time was spent doing what. And it turns out that most of my activities that I consider useful can be divided into several categories:

Household labor
Dissertation work
Research work for pay
Artistic hobbies
Socialization - in person (this is a recent add, I decided I needed to prioritize it more)

A banner day is when all of those things happen (not very often). A good day is when four out of the six happen. Often, its three out of the six, though, which I consider a bare minimum of productivity. And I have made it a prerequisite that Dissertation work must happen everyday for the day to "count." So if I've done a couple of things that aren't Dissertation, I need to make the Dissertation work happen before I do any other sorts of tasks.

This works for me, because it isn't too specific. If I get to specific with tasks then I tend to procrastinate on them if they aren't striking my mood. However, I still use lists to augment this acronym scheme, because they are helpful when I need more direction. But I still use the scheme to inform the lists.
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My laptop's power jack is busted. So my computer is in the shop. My big debate is if I should get it repaired or no, its going to be at least 200 bucks, and the computer was 700 to begin with. Hmm... I probably will, but its definitely annoying.

That means I have to limit my online activities to a wee bit in the evening when the hubby brings his computer home. I can do word processing during the day on my aged desktop, but I think it'll be a virus trap if I use it to surf the internet unless I download and set up a lot of software, which I'm disinclined to do at them moment.

The internet limitation may not be a bad thing, as I really need to get cracking on the dissertation. Additions, re-writes galore. My defense has been scheduled for Nov. 2nd, and I suppose I should prepare for that, but I don't really know how... I have no idea what questions I should prepare for. Sigh.

My kitty Marx was sooo cute this morning, playing chicken with the water while I was taking a shower. He'd get in between the shower curtain and the tub, hang out, and then scoot out into the shower proper, freak out and run away, and then repeat that scenario- he did it 3 times. Silly bored boy.


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