May. 23rd, 2009 01:15 am
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Here are a bunch of pictures I've taken lately, in Carrboro NC and Emerald Isle NC

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There may be one more batch after this one... but here are some more New Orleans pics. Under ze cut, si vous plait, for your viewing plezure.

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These are the "arty" pictures, so I put them up on my deviantart page. I'll put some under the cut here too.

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Here is a picture of my cat, Engels, laying atop a dissertation chapter. Fortunately, I had done all of the copy edits from that chapter. His paws were wet from playing in the bathtub.

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I was in denial most of the day about this damn headache. Oh, its nothing. I took two Aleve and carried on. Oh, we'll ignore the nausea, flashing lights, pain in my teeth, weird swollen eye feeling, yup. But after my meeting with my adviser (and a nice lunch at Top of the Hill, where we did not talk about the dissertation at all) I fled home for the heavy medicine (Maxalt makes me grooogy).

On the way home in a desperate bid for normalcy I stopped at Chapel Hill Comics and picked up the Manga Bible(annoying flash site, you have been warned), which is just as amusing as I hoped. And I had a Locopop, Gingersnap, raisin and caramel flavor. Fantastic! I almost went with Pear Tarragon flavor, but I'm glad I didn't. The fall and winter flavors are always so good at Locopops.

But then I got home, took my pill and decided that it was a beautiful blue silky smooth day and I really was not going to huddle in a dark room in spite of my headache. So I went out and took pictures of some of my favorite trees and other things I see everyday but have never photographed.

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