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I ate something from my garden on Wednesday. A purple jalapeno. Not as zingy as I would have liked. My sister-in-law visited this weekend and ate a bunch of salad greens too. And it looks like I'll have tomatoes soon (though with my luck they'll ripen when I'm in MN). I still have two beds to finish (the cage match mint and lemon balm bed and the ??? shade so maybe ferns bed), and some perennials to purchase to fill out my ornamental bed. Next year I'm going to plant more densely in the beds. The bed with the four peppers and slow growing basil is far too sparse.

Headaches have been okay. I went back on a restrictive diet to see if that might help. I'm actually okay with no caffeine, no alcohol, no chocolate and no or at least minimal aged cheese diet restrictions. But no vinegar is a PITA. And I'm trying to reduce my soy sauce consumption. There is no way I'm eliminating soy sauce, that's just not even possible. I should eliminate citrus, but I really don't think that's a trigger and I eat so little citrus its staying. I'm also trying to increase variety and not eat wheat products every day. And be very minimal about sugar and other sweet stuff, which I was anyway but now I'm getting serious about it. Erg. Now I'm hungry.

I'm enjoying watching the World Cup. Bless for Univision streaming it, I'd not be able to watch otherwise. One thing I'm scratching my head about- why does FIFA always introduce a new ball for World Cup? Its really nutty. Like, "oh, we'll change the shape of the football right before the superbowl" ridiculous! I also really hope they arranged it so even if S and N Korea advance, they won't be facing each other before getting knocked out. Can you imagine a S vs. N Korea game? It would be so fraught as to be nauseating.

This upcoming week feels so daunting. I have a lot of work catching up to do. I must be a good boss of myself and get it done.

Okay, going to eat yogurt now. Yummy yummy yogurt with maple syrup.
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I have had a headache for 5 days now. If I take something for it, it drifts off but its always coming back afterwards. I'm fed up.

So I made an appointment with a headache specialist and an acupunturist on Friday. I feel bad about the expense and the timing isn't great, but these little bursts of frustration rather than resignation should be harnessed, I think.

My cat Engels was amusing, yesterday he jumped up on the table and shredded my to-do list, just like that. And today he almost puked on my to-do list, I had to rescue it. I'd take it as a message but I don't think he can read.


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