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I would like to declare to the universe at large that I will not be getting sick. It is impossible at the moment. There is no room on the schedule for sick. The sick can try again in a couple of weeks, mmm'kay?

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I think I just sneezed the biggest sneeze I have ever sneezed. It threw me backwards, I had to hang on to the counter-top to keep from falling. I'll spare the groady details of the aftermath, but whoa, just whoa. At least now I can breathe through my nose. Hooray! Thanks sneeze, you are more helpful than the Dr.

I had to tromp nearly a mile partly through hills and woods in low 40 degree temps, in the rain to see the Dr., they put UNC Student Health in the worst possible place and continually have construction around it, and it may be deliberate... if you survive getting there, you can see a Dr.

The Dr. did some tests, and said, oh, you have a virus. If it doesn't go away in a week, come back. She told me to take antacids for the nausea. Big huge eye-roll here. But at least it isn't pneumonia.

Now I am having weak third flush blackberry tea with honey and exactly five pecans. I hope my tummy behaves. Oooh, gurgles. Doesn't like it. Poor tummy.

I am boring these days. Sorry.
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Blearg. Sick sicker sickest. Yes indeedy.

Crabbing about illness )
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I am marking Poe's birthday in a very appropriate way- by dying of consumption. No one else in the house is sick. It'd be horrible if the MIL got sick, but she claims that she is hardier than me and thus will not be infected. I hope for her sake she is right. Riding an airplane like this would be hell for me and all the passengers.

On a happier note, are folks doing things to celebrate the inaugural? I was going to get flowers and leave them by a large Obama statue which someone made near my house. And then go out to a local eatery with a big screen TV over lunch to watch the thing properly. As it is, I think I'll be collapsed on the couch listening to NPR. Le Sigh.


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