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A lot of folks on my friends list seem to be being dragged through it as of late, a lot of no fun being had by all. I'm sorry peeps. I myself am in a funk, but it isn't really an externally caused funk, for which I count my blessings.

I've been finding this song, "A Glorious Dawn" really soothing. Its far better without the video, just minimize the browser. Not that Carl isn't a handsome fellow, but really, better with no pictures. Yes, yes, its geekerific. Cope. It makes me sappy.
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It was very good. She is just a phenomenal musician. She played all the biggies, Leeds United and Coin Operated Boy, etc. She talked and twittered a bit much, but even that was okay, she was cool enough to get away with it. She referred to twitter (which was how she was taking requests) as "the love faucet" which is a little scary. The Art Center was packed solid and was far too warm. The crowd was polite (except when it came to seats, grrr...) and very geeky, which was nice. I wish that they had a real piano for her to use, but oh well, the keyboard she had was a good one. I was glad we went.
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Oh! Amanda Palmer is playing at the Art Center in Carrboro on Sunday. I'd been kicking myself for having missed her concert at the Lincoln in Raleigh last November. Having an opportunity for a do-over, even if its not with her full Danger Ensemble companions is a very good thing. I'm looking forward to the show. (I'm writing this entry with the idea that maybe some locals who missed her November show might also want to catch it... it doesn't seem to be getting much press)
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Hm. At first I thought that there wasn't much music released in 2008 that really got me excited, but then I started thinking about it. And happily, some albums occurred to me that I really liked.

The one that really blows me away is Who Killed Amanda Palmer. That is just a good album, even if repetitive. Her lyrics are exceptional. I hate that her label is giving her crap and refusing to promote her stuff (she used all of her savings and self promoted this one). I guess because she is technically represented by a subsidiary of Warner all of the videos, etc. have been taken down from MySpace, too. Her blog is really pretty interesting:

The other two albums that stick out are Ames Room by Silje Nes and A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheek by Oren Ambarchi.

Silje Nes is yet another wispy Scandinavian lady singer. But hooray for those. My favorite sort. Its another in the "melancholy, sweet, feminine" category, but she isn't a folky dull singer song writer, the arrangements are interesting and not guitar based. Eleanoora Rosenholm also falls into this category (with electronic backing), and I liked her album too, but I think if she was singing in English I wouldn't have liked it quite as well.

These two ladies totally show up Portishead for trip hop-like music, I must say. Their new one was kind of disappointing. We waited how long? For this? Hm.

Somehow Oren Ambarchi had not hit my radar screen, in spite of being a long time figure in the kind of electronic music I like (almost noise, ambient without being boring). His album was in rotation at XYC and XDU and every time it came on, I went "dang, what is this? its awesome!" I'm trying to make a point of checking out more of his work.

My friends albums were also good, I'd be remiss in not pointing them out. Caly's album All Of This Is Temporary was very good, right up my electronic alley. And the new Puritan Rodeo Show album was very good and especially well recorded (it made it on the shelf at the station, so yay!). And, the whimsical talent of Lemming Malloy also produced an excellent EP, Avalauncher.

In 2009 we should be DJing more regularly, and that should increase the amount of new music I come in contact with quite a bit. Which will be nice.
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Went to see the Mountain Goats tonight. I inexplicably like him a whole lot. Usually not my genre, but well, sometimes I guess it doesn't matter. He played a song based on Mario Brothers, so eh, what the heck. Only two bad lyrical faux pas, numeration and the use of the "like a child" simile. At least he didn't use a season theme or metaphor, that's just too big of a lyrical sin.

It was a good show, in spite of being at the very uncomfortable Cats Cradle (so glad its smoke free now, whoowee, but why are venues always so damn uncomfortable? my feet and back are killing me). I recommend going to see him if you get a chance. Merci buckets to Mr. Pardue for the tics.

And on the way back home we saw a large, bright shooting star. Super cool. I can't recollect ever seeing one before.
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So, one of my favorite bands, the Rosebuds, is touring nationally. They are moody quirky fun music makers. Y'all in other places should go out and see them since you can.

Here is the tour schedule.


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