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Otherwise known as the xmas shopping season. Home Depot has their Xmas crapola up already. Feh. I'm tempted to write them an irritated letter about that. And shopping Saturday was zooey, and horrible because unlike Home Depot (who I give kudos for excellent staff in quantity) everywhere was under staffed. I walked out of Marshall's without buying the tights I was going to purchase because the line was too long. Life is too short to spend unnecessary time in Marshall's. I couldn't find staff to ask about the unpainted picture frames I was hunting for at Michal's and left without purchasing anything. I'll find the frames online, it'll be faster and I'll pay shipping as a reduction of frustration tax happily.

So I'm trying to think of all the sundries that will need purchasing in the next two and a half months, and I'm going to run out and get them in the next week. That and a Trader Joe's run should do it. Then no shopping till January except at co-op and online. It feels a bit like I'm stocking up for a siege. Extra TP, extra cat litter, sponge refills for the dish wand, light bulbs...
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If this was 1993 I'd have no choice but to wait and hope I made it to France to purchase these items. But lo, there is the internet. And lo, I get the damn comics that the local comic book shop could not even find, let alone get. Haha! I guess I should not count my chickens before they are hatched, I just ordered my French manga from BDNet, we'll see if it gets here. Squee!!!
I ordered Persona comics. And the first collection of "Les Gouttes des Dieu" as profiled in this NYT article.

Sigh. Somebody left two cassette tapes, a work out tape and a John Cougar Mellencamp tape outside our door. [edit, I guess it was Reba MacIntyre, but really, its a cassette tape, so whatever] I threw them away, but the hubinator dug them out of the trash stating "someone may have left them there for a reason" Ahem. Being next to the thrift shop, I doubt it. Good grief.


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