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I'd be buying up all the candles and statuary and well, everything DL & Company have for sale. Good grief, yo. Waaaaant. And this candle set is just inexpensive enough to be in reach, but not unless I was good and drunk or something... dang, can't justify it. Still though...

ETA: They have a cheaper line, but its not as pretty... I think perhaps I will gift a sampler to myself at some point:
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Last night I made a successful indian meal comprised of creamy eggplant, a curry, raitia and curried beans with TJ's naan for seven people. I enjoyed having folks over and was really glad everyone liked the food. I think the trick to feeding larger groups of people is to have multiple dishes. If I wanted to just do a curry it wouldn't really be possible for that number of people because my pots aren't large enough. Multiple dishes save the day.

I ran/walked 5k today in 26 minutes. Not bad for getting back to running after a long break. I'm pleased.

My plan is to start swimming this week. I don't know why I have some anxiety about it, but I do. Swimming in lanes has always stressed me out a bit, so I shouldn't be surprised.

I kind of intend to do a "sprint" triathlon at some point next year, if I can find one close enough. There is one in September in Charolotte, but that's too soon because I haven't started working on swimming yet. We'll see how it goes though as I might get injured again.

I very much want to go to Jerry's Artarama right now and buy a bunch of art supplies. I want to make some jewelry out of seashells I collected with my folks back in May. My mum sent me some chains and clasps for the purpose. Now I just need a decent dremel bit and some acrylic spray and jewelry will be made. I also want to play with gold leaf. Hmph. Must. Resist. Spending. Money I Don't Have.

I think I saw a painted bunting today. Its a bit far inland, but I think that's what it was. That makes me happy.
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Oh my, oh my. I went looking at the Animal Shelter website to see about volunteer info, and it turns out they are moving into a new space as I type. That's nice. I don't know if I can actually volunteer, because now its even harder for me to get there without a car, and the hubinator has the car during the day. Pewp.

And the oh my oh my part? I really would like to bring this kitty into my home. Oh my oh my do I. I have a soft spot for Siamese mixes about the size of Mount Everest. My wee little apartment can barely accommodate my big orange fellows and us, so I think this beauty is going to have to find a different home. Aaargh. Full of want. I even have a name for her, if her personality was compatible with it. Lucretia (Lulu, or Little L for nicknames). After Lucretia Borgia and the Sisters of Mercy song. It would be a nice contrast to Marx and Engels (whose names are also related to a Sisters song).

I also am full of wanting to start fencing again and to find a pool for swimming. I need some change in my world and I am longing for varied exercise. But that is expensive. Buying new running shoes (more wanting!) is even pushing things at the moment. I need more work, clearly. Pulling together equipment for my own lab set up is really straining the budget though, and those overhead costs are going to eat any money I make at lab work for a while. I'm going to be looking for a job to supplement my independent work when I get back from France. If I can find one, I think it'll help all around.


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