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So, my remaining summer crops got nailed by frost last night. I considered covering them and letting them limp along a bit longer, but since its into November I decided they had to go sometime. And since the tomatoes were pretty much long gone the basil wasn't doing much for me anyway.

The only thing I lament is the pumpkin, who hadn't finished producing its one glorious white pumpkin yet- its big enough that I'll still roast it and use it for making bread and soup though. I put that guy in far to late. Next year I'll start it in July if I want October pumpkins.

As I was picking the frost bit basil (I think it'll still be fine for pesto) I collected the remaining little bell peppers (there were four, I hadn't realized there were any). I am confused as to why they were so tiny. Next year I'm growing more hot peppers, those did well and it was nice because I rarely needed more than one at a time, so the plant and I kept pace with one another. I want to grow some bird's eye thai peppers and make this relish/sauce of pickled peppers I had at Twisted Noodle. Till then I purchased a few at the Asian Market to experiment with.

Now I've got to pull up the plants, stick em' in the compost heap, rake leaves and bury them in the garden beds, anoint the beds with the compost I bought, and stick a cover crop of purple clover in (I probably waited too long for that, oh well). My winter crops (parsnips, beets, chard, kale) look fine but they are really slow growing. I should probably thin the parsnips a bit more.

I read some Wendell Berry last night, looking for a good piece to assign for my class next week. It was so soothing. He is like a good great Uncle or something. And he articulates so well the reasons why I'm so angry about the business/market orientation that higher education is turning to. I'll talk about that in a later post, I think.

Good lord I have too much to do. I don't get weekends very often, yesterday I spent about 7 hours on writing a lecture and looking for course materials and today is much of the same. If I calculate things out by the hour I'm making less than minimum wage. I think those employed as adjuncts collectively need to say "no" to this nonsense. Which again, is another post. Trying to stay perky and not wrathful today. Time to get back to work. Laundry beckons.
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PhDs are having trouble finding work- I didn't need the NYT to tell me so seeing as folks I thought would be shoe ins for tenure track jobs at hoity toity places are either jobless or stuck in one year jobs at awful schools. Its always rough, I don't think anyone goes into a PhD program thinking that they'll find a job no problem afterward. Even in the sciences, though they don't talk about that in the article. But its bad right now. They mention that professors who might have retired aren't retiring because their 401k's tanked (I know of at least two of these in my own department... so yeah). Which means that jobs that might have opened up aren't. I like this simile from the article: “This is a year of no jobs,” said Catherine Stimpson, the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at New York University. Ph.D.s are stacked up, she said, “like planes hovering over La Guardia.”

I wasn't convinced I wanted to head into academia, but I may not have the option at this point... and I don't like that a bit.


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