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Thanks everyone who came to our Gothic Luau Housewarming. I had a good time. I hope everyone else did too. Thanks to Joel for all the pre-party help and for wrangling the kabobs. And thanks to everyone who gave us thoughtful and pretty gifts.

I promptly got a cold after the party. Go figure. So I'm working at home today.

I made a nice eccentric lunch today- soup, because I'm sick.

Ze recipe:

One and one half cups water
A dab of better than bullion chicken flavor (miso would probably work)
One half cup coconut milk
Handful of frozen shrimp
3/4 cup chopped frozen spinach or other veggies
1/2 teaspoon red curry paste
1/2 teaspoon cardamon seeds
Small amount (about a quarter diameter grab) of angel hair pasta, broken up into inch sized strands
A dab of Indian style pickled ginger or hot sauce over the top

Add everything to a pot except the hot sauce. Warm up (it can boil) until the angel hair pasta gets soft enough (this will happen faster than you think). Then its done. Yum yum.
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On Halloween, Sat. Oct 31st. Its going to be a gothic luau housewarming. We'll be sending out e-vites to the locals soonish.

The hubinator is in charge of this, but he is ill. He thinks he has swine flu. I think the jury is out on that one. But regardless, he's ill so no formal e-vites. I wanted to post though in a "save the date" sort of way.

I seriously hope we make a better dent in these boxes by then. Holy crap is this getting tedious. And the kitchen... is not designed well. I think the cupboards were created by people who expected folks to live on microwave dinners. It needs some help. And we need to hang the gutters. And get the dryer electricity hooked up, with the hubinator sick we didn't get to that today. Aaargh. Everything in my existence is taking about twice the time I would have anticipated it should take.

I have a job application due at the end of the month, which I'm dreading. This means I should really get the article I have in the pipeline submitted so I can list it as "submitted" on the application. Bleh. I don't even want this job, but it'll be good preparation for the application to the job I do want which is is due in December. Its terrible that there are really only two academic jobs I've seen that I feel I match up with. I really need to push my CRM possibilities, but even that probably won't help. Sigh. I'm trying not to think of seeking retail seasonal employment in a little while... but its probably the responsible thing at the moment.
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What fun everybody! People attended, brought cool prezzies, cool foods and beverage in keeping with the theme, and wore excellent costumes. Everything worked out well. I am very pleased and appreciative of all the attendees.

Sadly, my pictures all turned out blurry. I was too distracted and too drunk to really be using our fancy shmanzy camera effectively. I may post some later anyway, if get around to editing them.

I've been playing Persona 4 like a fiend all weekend- I figure, its the birthday weekend, I can be a video game slacker without guilt. I'm enjoying it, though the camera on it is unfortunately screwy and can make me ill pretty fast.

Yesterday we drove around Durham to look at neighborhoods and houses. There are some nice houses in Durham. I wish they were all in nice neighborhoods. And I have decided that Durham tries my patience. The hubinator and I never fight so badly as when we drive in Durham and get lost and we get lost every time we drive somewhere new in Durham. I just can't navigate in Durham. The streets do not make a lick of sense.

Today we are going to look at houses in Hillsborough and one in Pittsboro (maybe). I want to look at an old farmhouse in Efland, but that didn't get on the agenda for this trip out, unfortunately.
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We are nearly ready to party, 8 PM mes amis, for your second reminder.

Whew. The house is pretty clean. I am not and will hop in the shower shortly. And I am not sick! I blame my scratchy throat on the haze/pollution that's been hanging about.

My Jesus costume is more Moses on a bad hair day than Jesus, but I guess that's what you get when you buy a costume manufactured by heathens. I may try trimming the beard a bit.

Now I must channel my inner Goya or El Greco or someone other than me to try drawing a Jesus for Pin the Nails on the Jesus. I'm more of Beatrix Potter's clumsy cousin or possibly Edward Gorey's poor relation when it comes to art styles, so this is gonna be a neat trick. We may have to have a draw Jesus contest if I can't manage something.
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I'm gonna be older than Jesus. So come to my Jesus themed party tomorrow, my peeps!

And for your amusement and horror, here is an LOLCat version of a portion of the bible.


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