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We had made an offer on a house. But I think we are going to have to walk away from it after the foundational chaos the inspection revealed. Its like dating, you meet someone awesome and then just when you are getting into them they tell you they are married with kids and this is all behind their backs, see? And it has to be broken off. Ugh.

The house hunting will go on hold after this, because the land lord wants us to sign a year long lease and we don't have enough time to find another place. And I'm burnt out on it anyway. Maybe we'll try again in fall. I'm really bummed because the interest rates are so favorable right now, but I don't see us finding a house in our price range for a while. Maybe I'll keep an eye out in Mebane, just for the heck of it.
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What fun everybody! People attended, brought cool prezzies, cool foods and beverage in keeping with the theme, and wore excellent costumes. Everything worked out well. I am very pleased and appreciative of all the attendees.

Sadly, my pictures all turned out blurry. I was too distracted and too drunk to really be using our fancy shmanzy camera effectively. I may post some later anyway, if get around to editing them.

I've been playing Persona 4 like a fiend all weekend- I figure, its the birthday weekend, I can be a video game slacker without guilt. I'm enjoying it, though the camera on it is unfortunately screwy and can make me ill pretty fast.

Yesterday we drove around Durham to look at neighborhoods and houses. There are some nice houses in Durham. I wish they were all in nice neighborhoods. And I have decided that Durham tries my patience. The hubinator and I never fight so badly as when we drive in Durham and get lost and we get lost every time we drive somewhere new in Durham. I just can't navigate in Durham. The streets do not make a lick of sense.

Today we are going to look at houses in Hillsborough and one in Pittsboro (maybe). I want to look at an old farmhouse in Efland, but that didn't get on the agenda for this trip out, unfortunately.
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My day improved. I started in on the Dunlop memoir and I'm enjoying it. Damn it though, I wish it was a tad more academic. I know she could be. She ought to come out with an academic book on Chinese foodways, she could be the next E.N. Anderson (who wrote a mighty fine book "Food in China" in the 60s, which is a classic). And then I could use her book if I ever get to teach Food and Culture.

I have been hitting tennis balls against a back board as a replacement for the exercise I was getting running. I have a hip injury that will not go away which has halted the running. But for some reason, stepping side to side doesn't bug it, so tennis is really good. I'm amazed at how much is returning. There was a moment when I thought I perhaps should accept the weakness in my swing and switch to a two handed backhand. Which made me go "Oh my god! I'm turning into my mother! I can't have a two handed back hand." My mom has a two handed back hand, all the time (whereas my dad is more selective). Thankfully I think things are progressing and I'll skip switching up my backhand. When they come visit I'm going to have my dad help me figure out a serve, that's always been a huge problem for me. If I can get that sorted I'll actually be able to play with people. And amazingly my forehand is under control enough that I am also going to ask him to help me work on back spin techniques too. I'm flat astonished that after 11 years of not picking up a racket I'm basically doing all right after such a short time (I've only been out like 4 or 5 times now).

We went and looked at a house yesterday. Oh my great googly moogly. The pictures online were so cute and the price was so low and it has a large yard (supposedly an acre- after visiting, yeah right). However, there was a sketchy apartment complex right up the way from it. And two sketchy houses next door to it. And if that wasn't enough, there was a brothel ("Quality" "All female staff") on the corner. And if the brothel wasn't enough, then there was the fact that the pics of an empty house were wrong, renters who did not want anyone to see the house lived there with "a pack of dogs." This and the brothel was actually the deal breaker. When we swung by, there was a mellow dog chained in the back yard, and supposedly a pack in the house with the lady who did NOT want us to come in. If that house ever sells I will be amazed. Bleh. House hunting sucks.

I like our Realtor though, she isn't pushy and shows us whatever house we ask her to. After the crazy pack of dogs house, she took us up the road to show us where she grew up in a log cabin. The reason she has so many East Durham listings is that she lived there for so long she knows a ton of people there and they all come to her to sell their houses. Which makes me feel better about her. She was also really sweet to the people in the Dog House, and offered to try to find them a house to buy (the renters complained that they were being hounded to death by Realtors). I worry about her a bit though. She is very old and frail. I don't think she eats enough. I'm going to bake some muffins to bring her the next time we go out.


Apr. 19th, 2009 11:24 am
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What I really want, I've decided, is just a bit out of reach.

And that is to buy some land and put an i-house on it.

Its almost do-able. Almost. Loans would be hard and its over our budget a bit.

But I prefer thinking about that option over the other houses we've looked at.

I'm starting to resent Hillsborough. Nice town, crappy houses- unless you are a moneybags and can live in the historic district. However, my dear hubinator rejects Durham. In spite of the nice 1920s era houses that are within our budget (but yeah, maybe the neighborhood qualifies as sketchy). So there we are.

Today we are going to the zoo and not thinking about this anymore. Yes, indeed.
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Okay, we are looking for a house.

We have a very tiny budget. Very very tiny. Like 120,000 is really pushing it. Which means we are either going to be living in the middle of nowhere or in a sketchy neighborhood. We looked at double wides last weekend. I could actually imagine living in the four bedroom one, it was a fun space. But it is 20 years old and who the heck knows how long its got left for the world. And it surely won't build equity.

We are getting dreamy about this house. Would I want a cape cod or ranch house if I was living anywhere else in the country? No! But that is all that exists around here so its that or nothing. And I'm afraid that after living within walking distance of everything I need (vet, Dr., dentist, work, groceries, library...) living in the middle of no where is going to be- hm- shocking? We only have one car. That wouldn't work too well out there I don't think. And affording a second car? Ummm... yeah.

This is probably all very unrealistic and we should just be happy renting. If it wasn't for how badly I want to have a garden I might not care so much. Also, though, it does make a sort of retirement account, if we can get it paid off by retirement time that would help make retirement possible.


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