Oct. 7th, 2013

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Today I am grateful for something perfectly mundane. Beef stroganof. I have had it for two suppers in a row, once out and once homemade. Mine has nutmeg, theirs has smoked paprika. I liked the smoked paprika, I may need to get some. I am also grateful that the London Broil I got was "Reduced for Quick Sale" and thereby affordable (usually, I'm stuck with Chuck, if I venture to make this at all).

If I knew the world was ending in like, a few hours, I'd make my self a dinner of beef stroganof and eat up. With really good beef, since why not get the best tenderloin or sirloin if the world is ending.

(I am also grateful to the cows... I really don't eat red meat very often at all. I've made it with seitan, and its okay but not amazing, however, seitan doesn't agree with me these days.)

Also, I googled for beef stroganof festival, didn't find anything, wishful thinking. I'd totally dig trying other versions though- I just read up on some via Wikipedia. I guess the wacky Finns add pickles to theirs? Interesting. And the Russians serve theirs with potatoes, which I've pondered doing for sometime, but the hubinator wasn't on board with so I haven't. I may yet, just to try it. Potatoes makes sense to me. The pickles I'm dubious about.


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