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Yes, yes I can.

The graduate school accepted the final draft of my dissertation. So its no longer a draft. Its done. Done! Done! Done!

I'm finished. It took 10 years, but its over. Now comes the hard part. I consider grad school a career unto itself and now I have to craft a new one. But change can be good. Right? Right.
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The following is currently keeping me from my PhD:

1. On the Title page, remove the quotation marks. The Approved by section needs to be moved down lower.

2. The first page of the Abstract should have a 2 inch top margin.

3. The first page of the Table of Contents should have a 2 inch top margin.

4. The first page of the Introduction and Chapters should have a 2 inch top margin.

Now, the kicker is that they don't actually spell out that the first page of the introduction and chapters should have a 2 inch top margin in their guidelines. Nor do they specify where the approved section should be, except to say: "On the lower right." I had been looking at someone's recently accepted dissertation for guidance, and the hell if he has 2 inch top margins on the chapter pages. Grr... when I change all of those margins I'm going to have to rejigger all of my page numbers, and the table of contents etc. will have to change. And since the landscape pages have text boxed page numbers (don't ask, but it was the only way, trust me) I'll have to change those by hand.

Arbitrary bullshit from the graduate school? Oh never. And this may not be the end of it, either, as they reserve the right to make more requests.

If I had this to do over again, I totally would fork over 200 dollars or so to have someone else format my dissertation.

And I'm on Day 3 of an exceptionally bad migraine- my super pills knock it down, but it comes back with a vengeance a few hours later. I'd go in for a super shot but my Dr.'s office is closed and my only option is the emergency room, which sounds like hell to me. Le sigh. Woe is me.


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