Jul. 12th, 2010 07:00 pm
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We have returned to our home base. Big thanks to [ profile] borea and hubby for taking care of our kitties and my plants.

It was an uneventful trip home, but long, we didn't make it back till 2 AM. We discovered that, yes, even in the dark, we still find Hwy 52 in VA very cute (if a bit nerve wracking due to not playing by the google map directions very well... picked it up far too soon... listening to "Banjos and Bongos" on that leg of the trip was soothing though). I expect we are going to make a point to head back up that way at some point, maybe for camping in the fall.

I have come to realize that working from home and working so much on my home means that when I return home its like going back to work, with accompanying post trip let down. That really stinks.

Oh, and the deer have officially discovered my tomato plants. Stupid deer. Hoof prints and half eaten tomatoes tell the tale. Now I really need to get that fence in. Along with all the other crap that needs doing. Oy oh boy. My garden isn't really that great this year, but the zinnias are pretty at least. Next year will be better, I'll have compost to work in and I'll space things more closely.
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Thus far our interactions with the neighborhood here have been one gal asking to use our phone, and one guy begging us to buy his kitchen table for 10 bucks so he could get some cigarettes.

Reminds me of Todd St. Hopefully I won't have to start keeping juice on hand for crying children who wind up on my doorstep like I did there (it was weird, the juice usually calmed them down considerably- and they always wanted some when asked).

Sigh. I do like our yard. I've planted a few things. I hope they don't get stolen.

Figuring out how to protect against deer is a big deal... its going to cost a fortune to put up a nice fence. We'll see how that winds up. I may ask for design input here at some point.

I'm dressing down for class today by wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Its my "Communist Party" Threadless Tee Shirt and the topic today is Economic and Political Life so its appropriate, I think.


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