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I was thinking of writing something similar, but somebody a bit higher profile and more eloquent beat me to it:

I wish I could post these things elsewhere (like, ahem, Facebook) but I feel like until I have a steady job at the very least, it behooves me to keep my political views quiet on forums where employers can look me up.

As an aside: I should be getting ready for bed but I'm bouncy up. Erg. I think I ate too much chocolate today. And slept in a bit (only an hour) but its enough. Well, I'll threaten myself with doing the dishes and that should get me to bed. Bed or dishes? Bed. Always.

Second aside: Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Shortbread Stars? Absurdly yummy.
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After my last bitchy post, here is something amusing, a NYT article about Karoke Killings.

From the article:
Karaoke-related killings are not limited to the Philippines... a Thai man killed eight of his neighbors in a rage after they sang John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”"

This made me laugh until tears rolled down my cheeks. I sympathize. I really do. I hate John Denver almost as much as I hate Morissey. I suspect, however, that there was a wee bit more going on there and the 8-part Denver anthem was the last straw.

I wonder about the whole article, actually. It reads like something from the Onion. Sometimes the Asian coverage in the NYT is very strange and sensationalist. I've mentioned things to my class from those articles and the Asian folks are like, "What the Hell!?" I don't trust media coverage of Asian popular culture at all.

Still, it was damn funny.
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I have always felt that my physical performance is best around 4 PM. I've noticed this phenomena for a long time. But I did wonder, because I could think of no reasonable explanation, if I was imagining things. I wasn't imagining things, according to this NYT article, performance is best in the early evening. Ha ha! Instinct vindicated.

All right, back to the grindstone or to bed. I'm trying to finish up a job application and its about killing me. I don't know if I really can work on my research statement right now. I've been migraining, the weather being so topsy turvy windy has been awful. And its hard to write when I'm migraining, or after I've taken one of my groggy pills. Bleh. There may be just enough time before I go mentor a grad from AL in archeobotany methods tomorrow morning to finish the damn thing up. I hope so.

This week/weekend are just grueling. I'm so ready to be done with everything on my plate. Monday! Then maybe I'll finally set up my office nearly three months after moving in.
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Oh my god, cats, quit puking! You are like little fountains of gross this morning.

My cat Marx is doing really well, he had his sutres out and everything. And his pills have finished. This is good.

I am completely wroth with the health care "debate" going on. I can barely follow the story anymore. I'm all for free speech, but the yokels on the right are just being crazy obstructionists without a coherent argument. I wish the media would quit treating them seriously. Death panels? Come on. And to take the public option off the table is to shoot everything right down. There is no reform without that competition. Co-ops are laughable. Here is a good article on how co-ops are not a reasonable solution.

Oh my god they are both going at once now. Holy smokes. My house is covered in cat puke.

They kind of match how I feel about the health care reform situation though. For sure.
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This op-ed suggests directions for higher education I have been proposing for years now. Will any of it happen? Not a damn chance, which is a horrible pity. Especially the dissolution of departmental boundaries, which would be a great step forward.
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I have never been impressed by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. But good grief... this article just sends my low opinion lower. He's a depressed extreme conservative. Lovely. I think he's just so depressed and that's why he can't offer any questions or complex opinions. The man needs help. Now, I will grant you, this article may be skewed, but holy crap: "he admitted to an uneasy relationship with the whole idea of rights." Egad!

Here's the NYT article.
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PhDs are having trouble finding work- I didn't need the NYT to tell me so seeing as folks I thought would be shoe ins for tenure track jobs at hoity toity places are either jobless or stuck in one year jobs at awful schools. Its always rough, I don't think anyone goes into a PhD program thinking that they'll find a job no problem afterward. Even in the sciences, though they don't talk about that in the article. But its bad right now. They mention that professors who might have retired aren't retiring because their 401k's tanked (I know of at least two of these in my own department... so yeah). Which means that jobs that might have opened up aren't. I like this simile from the article: “This is a year of no jobs,” said Catherine Stimpson, the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at New York University. Ph.D.s are stacked up, she said, “like planes hovering over La Guardia.”

I wasn't convinced I wanted to head into academia, but I may not have the option at this point... and I don't like that a bit.
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I love the title of this article (its also interesting on its own merits):
Frogspawn learns the smell of death

It needs to be someone's album title. Get to it musician people!
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Okay, my home peeps, y'all need to start getting uppity with your local reps to work a bit harder on your voting systems, etc. This Al Franken/Coleman recount thing is embarrassing. I like seeing the stomping grounds of my youth in the NYT ("The Senate, Snowe and Dinkytown") but under better circumstances would be nicer. Sheesh.
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Do NOT vote a straight ticket. Fill in all those pesky bubbles. Especially in NC, because voting a straight ticket makes it look like it includes president. It does not, according to this link. You have to fill your presidential choice separately. Also, its easier to mess with a straight ticket, as only one selection has to be switched. So best not to just vote straight ticket.
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He posts things like this:
William Carlos Williams was a bad roommate
This made me laugh and laugh.

Now I will make myself a "breakfast" burrito and start placing nose firmly to grindstone. I believe I will be re-doing some figures and looking up some references about pre-historic alcohol making today (taking a break from the millet).
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It occurred to me that when folks of my persuasion are feeling particularly politically desperate and dire, we sometimes talk of "Moving to Canada" or France or where ever. But where could conservatives go? I mean, there aren't that many countries that are to the right of us that aren't Islamic. Australia might work. But I guess I wasn't the only one to think of this.

And the lack of a good place might explain this cruise. Where are the Somali pirates when you need them?
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I rather liked this short article: "Is This the Beginning of the End for the Republican Party?" by the Commentator formerly known as NC Steve (what a name, eh? oy.)
Not only is does this article present a happy thought about the break up of the Republican party, but it also goes over some history of political parties in the US in a very digestible way.

From the article:

"If one thing should be clear to us, it is that a political party run by delusional ignoramuses cannot survive. If that premise is granted, I confess that I can see only two possible futures for the Republican Party as I write today. Either the professionals, the country clubbers, the elitists and the libertarians take advantage of the seismic defeat they're about to suffer as an excuse to stamp out the power of the belligerent delusional ignoramuses, or else the ignoramuses keep control and the Republican Party follows the the Whigs and the Federalists across the bridge to oblivion."

[I feel the need to add a comment: my thought that the fall of the republican party would be a good thing is not just out of a hatred for the current state of it. It is also because I think the democratic party could use a good shaking up as well. Both parties have become too far right, and too well, vague in their agendas. I don't feel like my "regulate the hell out of organizations, and leave individuals alone/have some fiscal responsibility but make sure that the basics that the free market can't handle are covered" position is really represented in either party, but its more likely with the Dems]


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