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I just turned down an offer of work. I was offered another Anth 101 class for the fall. I decided the "oh, graduating just meant I was fired and re-hired without benefits" true joke was getting old. During my MN visit I gave my brother some advice that he needed to turn down these crappy coaching jobs he was employed at and focus on launching his future building/design career or doing something with his recent MA in architecture, that the coaching was steady but it was sucking all his energy and time away from career building he needed to do. And I realized that I was in the same situation, except in my case it wasn't coaching soccer, it was adjunct teaching that was sucking away all time and energy. Adjunct teaching is not something where one can just give two weeks notice and walk away from, the way you can with some jobs. I'd be committed for the semester. Ugh. I'm so torn about if it was a good idea, I just want to pretend they didn't offer me the job at all. If I had other work lined up that'd be different, but I don't. Bird in hand and all that. But its done now.

I constantly feel like I was such a chump for going to grad school. At least I don't have enormous amounts of debt, many PhDs I know have student loans that look like mortgages. I need to get over feeling stupid for having gone so I can move on, I think.


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