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I was looking at my Twitter feed (I like the links that people post, its a good time waster when I need to sit and chill, which I do need to do- gotta watch my spoons) and someone (who, I'm not sure anymore, such is the way of Twitter) posted: What female character in literature represents your ideal?" in my head I parsed it more as "what female character in fiction would you respect/emulate?" and it caused me to pause, in a full stop brain stutter sort of way. I couldn't think of anyone. Not a one. And yeah, my memory is scary bad lately, but this seems odd. I can think of plenty of real women (Julia Child springs abundantly to mind) that I'd nominate, but fictional? I'm a damned English major for pities sake (double with Anthro for undergrad) a serious reader, and I can't really think of anyone.

I think this is because there are many, many poorly written women and the ones that aren't poorly written have dramatic flaws which are there for point making/effect/etc. Amelia Peabody, that character from the Elizabeth Peters mysteries maybe? Molly Millions? She's not very estimable though. Jeez. This is bad. Anyone have any suggestions so I can smack myself on the forehead and think "oh duh!"?

PS, a follow up to my last post- We did buy a car. A Honda CRV, which is a good hauling things car, with far, far poorer gas mileage than I wanted (comparable to my wagon though). The market for used cars is hideous. We paid twice as much as we were hoping, and man, I think in spite of liking the car (its like driving a sofa) it sadly is a bit of a lemon. We've been back to the shop with it twice now, its under full warranty for the first month, so lets hope replacing the catalytic converter will be the end of it as the first 30 days are flying by fast. Carmax was a good buying experience, but hasn't provided us with the best after buying experience, unfortunately.


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