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I am having a great deal of trouble finding the beginnings of things and being able to concentrate lately. In spite of being "at liberty" aka unemployed I have a bagillion projects and skill improvement/creation goals that need doing. Its like a train wreck of task lists, my old little nested to do lists annotated with A,B,C priority/difficulty labels are failing me at the moment, which is shocking.

Anyone have any recs for project organizing software for PC that is free? Le sigh.

I have been running regularly at least. I am very nearly at my goal of running a 5k without stopping to walk in under 24 minutes. I walked for only about a 1/4 of the time today and finished in 25 minutes. After I make the 24 minute goal I'll try for 21, and then switch to swimming for a while, if I can afford it.

A two-day research working group meeting (the geologists are coming from out of town) is set for this weekend. For not getting any funding, and not having much by way of university affiliation, we get shit done, yo. I expect we'll have two articles out of this meeting. I should probably review my talks, and review some ideas I want to suggest regarding comparing data via ratios, but I think I'm set pretty much. Oh, and I need to clean the coffee pot out, as I've been tasked with providing coffee. That'll be two days where I am focused on one thing which will be nice.

This is a very journal-like lj entry. I have been thinking lots of dire thoughts about over population and the future of work, too. Maybe I'll make a more essay like lj entry about that at some point.
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