Jan. 21st, 2012

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Gingrich? You've got to be kidding me.

I feel like I've spent my whole life disgusted by that man. I can't even think about him as president. Egomaniac lacking basic compassion- I really think he may be a psychopath. Guh.

Gail Collins had a nice amusing column on his infidelities, here, and this is a choice bit:"There is, however, a lot of difference between giving up drinking on the eve of middle age and giving up adultery at about the time you’re qualifying for Social Security. Cynics might suggest that Newt didn’t so much reform as poop out." I do like Gail Collins, I feel like she carries the tradition of Molly Ivins very well. I cannot get over the fact that people are so willing to forgive his hypocrisy in trying to impeach Clinton. Why does nearly everyone in the media give him a pass on that? Oy oh boy. Its gonna be a long year in politics. I'm not exactly over the moon about Obama (nor am I negative about him, I am planning on voting for him) but criminy I'd volunteer for a dead anteaters re-election campaign if it meant not having the sorry excuse for a human that Gingrich is as president.

At least Gingrich likes science fiction. I can relate to that, the way I related to Reagan's liking Monkey Bread, which I also adore. Small, insignificant things but they humanize them an iota at least.


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