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I am having a fantastic trip to MN and WI.

CONvergance was so awesome. Some years it makes the whole year worthwhile and this was one of those years. So much lovely socializing, etc. And fun moments, like seeing the Tick in the hottub.

I saw a corpse flower this trip. That was really neat.

In WI, while canoeing with my family near my parents new house (under renovation- they are gutting it and rebuilding, its intense and my brother is completely wrapped up in working on it- when they finish it I look forward to vacationing with them as often as I can) in a bay off of Lake Superior, I saw Sandhill Cranes for the first time. They were sitting in reeds only 10 feet away from us and didn't get freaked out at all, they just looked at us calmly. That sighting is one for my birding lifelist.

The fireworks in Bayfield WI over Lake Superior were awesome. The lake made the noise from them really interesting, the lake shaved off the high end. The reflections off the lake were also great. And the audience did not do that crazy "ooooh, aaaaah" nonsense, they just clapped after the most impressive fireworks.

I highly recommend the Thirsty Pagan in Superior WI, good pizza and fun beer. We had a sour beer (so odd, difficult to describe) and a wheat beer brewed with spruce tips, which was awesome, shades of Earl Grey tea. I wish the microbreweries in NC would innovate a bit more, I've had so many intriguing beers in middle of nowhere N Wisconsin and not in NC.

We didn't bring our camera, I took a few with my phone but they aren't great. Maybe I'll manage a little album eventually. I kind of regret not taking more pics of Con. Oh well.
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