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I just posted this on another forum, but I figured what the hell, for the record I'd post it here too.

This bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (at Open Congress) currently before the Congress is really troubling. It will, essentially, make the internet more like television, in the sense that content from the masses will be limited.

This is because say, you upload a video of some folks singing happy birthday at a family event. Happy Birthday is a song under copy write. You have, under this bill, committed a felony (same goes for a video of singing a copywrited song at karoke, or whatever). But it doesn't stop there. YouTube, or where ever you upload the video is also culpable for the felony, as is your internet service provider.

What that means is that in order to protect themselves from lawsuits, internet service providers and hosts are going to have to severely limit who is allowed to upload content, so they can manage it. Or they are going to have to aggressively screen it, which means that if they want to block, say, videos of police brutality they can very easily. More details here at the Wiki page.

Yahoo has left the Chamber of Commerce over this bill, and Google is considering following suit, here is a WaPo article discussing their concerns. They are taking this very seriously.

I urge you all to contact your representatives with concerns over this bill. The senators don't seem to have a good understanding of the implications of the bill, I doubt many of them even understand the implications of this bill. It is very important that citizens let them know they are concerned.


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