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So, I got some fall planting done today. Some of it is a little late, probably should have happened two weeks ago but it was so hot I couldn't bring myself to do it. Poor seedlings would keel over in the heat and so would I.

I basically cleaned out my seed box, so I don't know how well all of this is going to do. Especially the carrots. I've tried them in spring with no success.
Mokum Carrots
Red Chantenay Carrot
Early Wonder Tall Top Beet - three rows
Purple Top White Globe Turnip - one row (why yes, I like beets and beet greens better than turnips)
Cucumber Straight Eight (Bot Interest brand seeds, don't know how well these will germinate)
Pumpkin Warty Thing (Bot Interest again, from the grocery store...hrm)
And, in an act of defiance, Cannellini Beans. This is the wrong time to plant them, but they were in my seed box and I want to wait on the kale and chard so I pitched a row in. We'll see how that goes.

I didn't realize till I read the extension booklet that cucumber was a fall crop here. I had wondered about when their growing season was. I wish it was a summer thing, but I expect they get bitter in the summer (I don't blame them for that, I am getting bitter and stir crazy myself in the heat).

I'm going to put a net up to keep the deer off this bed, and I'm thinking of finally building a cold frame for it too, so I can have kale in the winter. All of these frames I've checked out on the web look so elaborate, I think its silly. I'm planning on making a rectilinear frame and stapling sturdy plastic to it. I can just lift the whole thing off when I want to get at the plants, it'll be light enough.
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