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I really wish I had gotten around to getting the strawberry bed in this spring, but next year. I at least have the spot picked out now.

I planted some summer bulbs. Three kinds of glads: atom, abyssinian, and envy. And a couple of crocsmia, Antique Montbretia and Meteor. I really hope some of them make it. Unfortunately, some of them got unearthed after I planted them, by cats I think. They didn't get eaten so I'm thinking its not rodents. And the feral cats, for all that they mess up my beds, do keep the rodents away, I really suspect its the cats using the beds as a litter box and kicking things around.

The squash and okra (its red okra, I'm planting it as an ornamental mostly) didn't come up. The okra I get, it really wants it warm and I have seeds left so I'll give it a go in a couple of days and try again (and I'll let them soak for a full 24 hours, I did soak the first time but I'm not sure about the timing). The squash is a little mysterious, but I'll give it another go next week as well. I was hoping to find thai peppers in plant form but no dice, I only found seeds. But the growing season here is long enough that I think I can pitch them in and they'll produce by first frost. And I need to do another round of beans, I'm staggering them to prevent bean overload and lengthen the harvest, since my hubby doesn't really like string beans.

I still need to plant the poor roses I rescued as rejects from my nursery job last year. Poor tough as nails dears. I think I'll reserve a day next week and get those planted, finally. I'm just not sure about how I want to structure my hedge, more interspersed species or homogenous.

I kind of took a yard break this week, I'll pick up again next week. I'm feeling pretty good about the garden beds. The lawn is a problem, I hate the whole notion of a lawn, for the most part, and now its been ripped up by the tree we had taken out. I tried seeding some bald spots, but without constant watering I don't think they'll sprout. Not sure about trying again, I think maybe in fall I'll give it another go. Given my negligent mowing (which is partly deliberate, I'm enjoying the yellow buttercups that have sprung up as weeds and don't want to mow them down), there may be some seeding in from grass gone to seed too. But this is definitely, even with the lawn, the best the beds have been so far (so out of three years now)- unemployment is good for the garden if not my mental health. Next year will go even more smoothly I think, as I won't be adding a ton of soil to the beds in addition to everything else. I'm looking forward to that.
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