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I am completely overwhelmed at this point with even prepping the garden. I need to add a side bed and plant about 5 shrubs and trees, I'm stressed about pulling the trigger on putting those in, its kind of a huge decision. I have about 4 cubic yards of compost/topsoil mix to distribute. And the trellises need to go up and the one bed will get deer proofed.

I'm still wondering about doing battle with the squash beetles again, ugh, to squash or not to squash. I get my tomatoes as seedlings from the farmers market, I hope they have Sungolds, that was a problem last year.

These are my seed orders, I hate starting seedlings so I get seeds that can be direct sown.

From Baker Creek:
Perpetual Spinach Chard
Envy - Zinnia Meteor - Zinnia
Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
Golden Wax Bush Bean
Crookneck Squash - Early Golden Summer
Eskimo Marigold

From Natural Gardening Company:
Love-in-a-Mist (OG)
Moonsong Deep Orange Sunflower
Lemon Gem Marigold (OP)
Empress Of India Nasturtium (OP)
Calendula Sunshine Flashback (OG)
Benary's Giant Zinnia - Deep Red
Thai Basil Seed (OG)
Borage (OG)
Waltham Butternut (OG)
Queen Sophia Marigold (OP)

I don't think I'll use up my non-flower seed packets (except the chard), if there are seeds someone wants I can send my extras (since y'all plant a month after me it should work out). Heck, there may be some flower packets I don't use up, the calendula is kinda huge.
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