Jun. 5th, 2012

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Why can't there be Venus Transit viewing telescopes set up at a bar? All the events that I've found for viewing are aimed at small children. Its great that there are science events for small children, no doubt, I'd never argue against that. But why do you have to age out of being curious about science/astronomy as a layperson (which is the implication, if you aren't a kid or don't have them, you aren't welcome/shouldn't be there)? It seems to me that there ought to be adults interested in this for its own sake, really. And it says bad things about our culture that most public science events are aimed at children, adult folks should have events too, to stay engaged, educated and curious and especially to be better citizens. I imagine that there are more adult events in larger urban areas... at least I hope so.

As it is, I'm debating going out to the M. Planetarium event. But I really don't want to wade through acres of small children engaged in Venus related art activities to check out the transit on a scope. And I hate pinhole cameras, I've never gotten that to work on my own, so that's out. Meh. Maybe I'll just watch some coverage on the web.


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